QI Analyst

Delivering products with high “quality” — defined as “meeting specifications at the lowest possible cost” — is a top priority for manufacturers and industrial operations. Quality has many aspects and Wonderware applications provide valued, integrated Quality Management functionality to tens of thousands of companies worldwide.

Wonderware applications meet these quality needs. InTouch HMI offers real-time data monitoring and alarming; Historian stores voluminous process data for quality analysis; QI Analyst provides enterprise-wide SPC; ActiveFactory trends data; Operations & Performance Software provides spec management, genealogy, BOM enforcement, OEE and Downtime monitoring; System Platform monitors data levels and application templates can deliver nearly any quality capability; InBatch software collects information on batch quality and recipe settings; and the capability list goes on.


Key Features

  • Regulatory adherence and compliance
  • Respond to process variation in real-time
  • Productivity and cost of manufacturing improvements
  • Actionable, real-time quality-related Info


Key Capabilities

  • Data monitoring and alarming
  • Best-in-class enterprise SPC, with database backbone
  • Advanced, interactive trending and charting
  • Government and regulatory reporting capabilities
  • Historical data collection
  • Integration with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)