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Wonderware SCADAlarm Software

SCADAlarm alarm and event-notification software provides a telecommunications link to industrial automation software systems.

SCADAlarm software seamlessly integrates with the comprehensive Wonderware product family and has built in browsers to enable fast configuration of information from Wonderware System Platform and InTouch HMI software.

Alarms can be vocalized over speakers, intercom systems, radios, multimedia speakers, PA systems and telephones. Users can listen to and acknowledge alarms, change set points, hear exact values of variables, and operate equipment via telephone from remote locations, saving valuable time and money. Included in the SCADAlarm product case is a tested full-duplex voice modem to enable you to get up to speed right out of the box.SCADAlarm is an essential tool for SCADA systems in all fields, from Water and Wastewater through Facilities Management to general plant alarm automation.

Key Benefits

  • Remote Alarm Notification for geographically isolated workers
  • Reduce need for 24 hour staffing at all facilities
  • Local voice annunciation for plant-wide status broadcasting
  • On-demand information on process conditions and variables
  • Included PCI modem tested and validated for use with SCADAlarm

Key Capabilities

  • Text-to-speech capability for maximum flexibility
  • Multiple delivery mechanisms (phone/voice, PA/speaker, pager, email
  • InTouch HMI and ArchestrA alarm acknowledgement capability
  • Voice recorder allows maximum customization
  • Flexible scheduler allows message delivery based on shift, day or time