Visualize, Control and Optimize Your Operations

With AVEVA InTouch HMI, you can create not only simple graphics, but meaningful content that increases productivity across the enterprise and delivers cost savings. AVEVA InTouch HMI empowers operators to optimize routine human interactions with industrial automation systems. The result is a quantifiable increase in operator effectiveness. Our unique situational awareness libraries provide operators with the contextual information they need to respond quickly and accurately to abnormal situations - before they impact operations.

Used in more than one-third of all industrial plants worldwide and in virtually every country and industry, AVEVA InTouch HMI software delivers high business value in the form of simple engineering, flexible operation and mastery of real-time performance.

Key Benefits of AVEVA InTouch HMI

Powerful Remote Access for Every User

All casual and remote web HMI and mobile SCADA users can be empowered with InTouch Web Client unlimited user license. What’s more, the platform is fully mobile and works just about on any device including tablets and smartphones, with zero client installation and zero maintenance.

Versatility and Extensibility

AVEVA InTouch is an open and extensible HMI with intuitive graphical animation and scripting capabilities that provide incredible power and flexibility for application designers. The software also offers the ability to use vector graphics, bitmap graphics, library symbols, .NET controls and legacy ActiveX controls.

Powerful and Sophisticated

No platform in the industry offers more virtualization options, including the latest Microsoft® virtualization technology, Hyper-V and VMware. AVEVA InTouch leverages Hyper-V and VMware so you can set up redundant HMI applications locally or at a remote site for more cost-effective high availability and disaster recovery options.

Native Cloud Support

AVEVA InTouch HMI supports built-in integration to AVEVA Insight and includes a publisher that uploads the real-time process tag data into the cloud for advanced analysis and dashboarding, hence transforming tag data into actionable insights.

Situational Awareness for Operator Effectiveness

AVEVA InTouch HMI brings unmatched clarity, consistency, and meaning to integrated data. Collectively these visual innovations improve the ability to better understand the recent past, present, and possible future of the process.

Unequaled Investment Protection

With a 30-year history of never leaving any customer behind, InTouch consistently provides a seamless upgrade path that protects your investments in InTouch applications. An InTouch application implemented decades ago can still run, unchanged, on the latest InTouch version and publish to any HTML5 web browser without re-engineering your legacy application.

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