Operate & Optimize

Wonderware QI Analyst Software

Connects your entire operational team with near real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) information, enabling everyone to proactively reduce process variations and nonconformance instead of reacting to them after the fact.

AVEVA™ Batch Management

Maximise asset utilisation and plant output

Wonderware MES Performance Software

The software provides Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring of production lines in real time, and combines with equipment utilization tracking for a full line performance solution.

Reduce costs and increase return on assets (ROA) by monitoring, analyzing and continuously improving operating efficiencies. Wonderware MES/Performance combines production and equipment event tracking with work order execution progress information for a full manufacturing performance solution.

Wonderware MES Operations Software

Helps manufacturing companies to document production, material traceability and the quality of products and processes.

AVEVA™ Workflow Management

Empower your people to work together better with our digital workflow management. Free up productivity and enhance collaboration across silos and between systems.