Remote Response Objects

With increasing demands on time and resources, Wonderware Remote Response Objects enable alarm and event information to be delivered to your mobile and offsite engineering personnel, keeping them informed of significant production or process changes regardless of their location.

By integrating the two most common mobile message based technologies (email and SMS), your engineers are never more than a handset away from being informed, and able to acknowledge critical events.

Incorporating a powerful yet easy to administrate scheduling system, your operations staff are in contact 24 hours a day, and escalation rules give built-in backup notification for supervisors and reserve personnel.

Key Benefits

  • Build as ArchestrA Objects – allowing to easily extend your existing application
  • Email and SMS (via appropriate gateway) support
  • Operator response (acknowledgement) via email or SMS
  • Low cost

Key Capabilities

  • Built-in scheduler
  • PIN-based security option
  • Configurable escalation in case of non-response
  • Operates with redundant (failover configuration) of System Platform