Data Historian

The Wonderware Data Historian solution leverages the state-of-the-art Wonderware System Platform, industry leading historian technology, web-based reporting capabilities and renowned open data source connectivity from Wonderware. The resulting historian solution is unlike any other data archiving and reporting solution found in the market today.

With blazing speed, broad scalability, highly efficient data storage and retrieval, high availability and simple one click historization set-up, the Wonderware Data Historian solution has an industry reputation low total cost of ownership.

Pre-configured web based reports and data analysis capabilities drive immediate value from data captured by the Wonderware Data Historian solution.


Key Features

  • Preserves plant record
  • Improves operational decision making
  • Scalable to any application
  • Helps drive higher plant performance


Key Capabilities

  • High speed storage and increasable data compression
  • Easy to setup & maintain
  • Broad data source connectivity
  • Highly efficient data capture & retrieval
  • High availability ensures data integrity/continuity
  • Integrated web-based reporting & data trending