Operate & Optimize

Wonderware MES Operations Software

Wonderware MES 4.0

Operations Software capabilities provide a scalable and configurable Manufacturing Execution System (MES) designed to help manufacturers across a wide range of industries improve their operational efficiency, manufacturing responsiveness and brand integrity.

The incremental, low-risk approach to building Manufacturing Execution Systems from Wonderware allows MES to be implemented in steps, from basic functionality including work order management, bill of materials, specifications, data collection and traceability (track/trace/genealogy) to enhanced capabilities such as inventory management, certifications, labor and production steps.

Wonderware MES software fully leverages the Wonderware System Platform and Invensys InFusion Enterprise Control System (ECS) for integration, development and reporting as a result of the underlying ArchestrA technology. This approach reduces deployment and maintenance costs, while also facilitating rapid development and scaling of the application throughout the enterprise.

Key Benefits

  • Improved inventory turns and reduce inventory cost
  • Reduced production errors and increased yield
  • Improved predictability of order fulfillmen
  • Reduced variation in production results and increased quality

Key Capabilities

  • Powerful WIP management using queue controls, business logic and multilevel BOM features
  • Monitoring accurate ‘planned vs. actual’ production using intuitive user interfaces
  • Operational enforcement using procedural steps
  • Integration with shop floor control systems and HMI’s for automatic data collection and parameter download
  • Integrated with Wonderware MES v4.0 – Performance software capabilities
  • Common services for security, data collection, data communication and high availability