Monitor & Control

Industrial Computers

Wonderware Industrial Computers are the perfect complement to your hardware or software standardization efforts, whether you have a manufacturing operation, infrastructure operation, or are a VAR or OEM machine builder. Wonderware Industrial Computers are ruggedized for harsh environments and come pre-installed with the operating system, drivers, and Wonderware product software you need for fast and easy implementation.

Wonderware Industrial Computers allow you to break free from proprietary hardware and functionally weak graphic interfaces. Now you can standardize on one common powerful visualization interface for your machine level applications and your supervisory HMI. Forward thinking standardization helps you fully leverage your engineering investment, shorten your development cycle, bring more value to your users or customers, and lower overall costs.

Key Features

  • Easily scale your visualization interface requirments from Microsoft Windows CE based computers to full supervisory HMI
  • Develop full range of visualization interfaces using one common Development environment
  • Preinstalled software means fast and easy implementation
  • Reduce costs and drive standards by expanding the use of InTouch HMI software throughout your organization
  • Eliminate hardware-software incompatibility concerns
  • Single source supplier of support and warranty for software and hardware
  • Ability for OEMs and VARs to optimize their offerings using a common, powerful software toolset