Monitor & Control

AVEVA™ Communication Drivers

Connectivity to your plant/facility devices is key to real-time information management. Wonderware maximizes your choices with the broadest possible communication options for industrial automation and information devices. In collaboration with more than 100 third-party interface developers, Wonderware provides the largest selection of connectivity options to hundreds of control systems such as PLCs, RTUs, DCSs, flow controllers, loop controllers, scales, gauges, bar code readers and other hardware devices. Wonderware has also fully embraced the openness of OPC technology, exposing data via OPC from our products as an OPC Client and also providing the means to connect to any third party OPC Server.

Wonderware makes device integration more maintainable by using Device Integration Objects (DI Objects) within the Wonderware System Platform for seamless connectivity to any data source. Wonderware also offers the DAServer Toolkit which empowers you to create your own connectivity server.

Key Features

  • Separation of application code from device communications management- so both can be easily managed and updated
  • Takes a flat, non-structured device and gives it structure, where it can be managed in a distributed system.
  • Takes individual communications paths and makes them available globally for any application to use
  • Allows communications and device naming to be different for the same application, allowing re-use on any machine
  • Support for OPC standards


Key Capabilities

  • Create one application and have it automatically bind to PLC/DCS/RTU addresses at run-time
  • Create templates that can be used with any manufacturer of PLC/DCS/RTU with different naming conventions for addresses
  • Create common SCADA and HMI Applications for different PLC/DCS/RTU types
  • Support for OPC standards