Global Vision

Global Vision

Deliver Lasting Value for Your Capital Projects

Empower your teams and cut the time, cost, and risk of capital project engineering. Develop an EPC 4.0 strategy that sets your teams up for success, saving you up to 15% on your total installed costs. Our solutions cover integrated process design, simulation, engineering, procurement, construction, and handover processes. Ensure your capital expenditure counts for more, projects are delivered on time, and plants can start up faster and safer.

Text Inspection

  • Detect text and copy error
  • Compare different file formats
  • Proofread foreign language
  • Text inspection report

Graphics Inspection

  • Detect graphics errors
  • Compare different file formats
  • Inspect every repeat at once
  • Graphics inspection report

Barcode Inspection

  • Grade all barcodes instantly
  • Verify barcodes in PDFs
  • Support for most barcode types
  • Barcode inspection report

Print Inspection

  • A scanner for every format of hardcopy
  • Complete inspection system
  • Inspect labels, press sheets, and more
  • Color inspection add