Wonderware InControl Software

InControl is a real-time, open architecture soft control component that allows you to design, create, test and run application programs for controlling your process.

InControl software provides a more capable and often lower-cost alternative to PLCs. In addition to being able to run on standard, open PC operating systems, InControl software delivers a more comprehensive control package, vastly superior open connectivity and sophisticated logic capabilities to handle complex discrete and batch processes. InControl software also offers greater overall capacity compared to micro-PLCs and lower cost-per-point than midsize PLCs.

When used in conjunction with other Wonderware products, InControl software provides advanced scripting and a real-time information application engine, plus powerful communication capabilities for easy information integration.

Key Feautures

  • EC61131-3 Relay Ladder Logic (RLL)
  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC) editor
  • Structured Text (ST) editor
  • Invaluable for process simulation

Key Capabilities

  • Soft Control – PLC Logic
  • OPC data access client
  • I/O server capability